Friday, September 05, 2008

Drive-By Poets reading at the Forbes Library in Northampton set for Wed. Oct. 1st at 7PM

Wed. Oct. 1st at 7PM, at the Forbes Library in Northampton, I've been asked to curate a poetry reading of five local poets upstairs in the Coolidge Museum. This is the first of six Wednesdays of poetry readings at the library. It'll be me, Steve Shavel, whose book on Verse Press is "How Small Brides Survive Extreme Cold," Alyssa Lovell, who guides the monthly Monday night poetry discussion group at the library, Allegra Mira who writes the Valley Poetry blog on MassLive, Michelle David, whose poems have appeaed here previously (scroll down) and myself, Jim Neill. Just to get you in the mood, here's a poem by Alyssa Lovell which you can also see out on the streets. Um. The poem, not Alyssa. CLICK THE POEM to see it more easily.